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Tips on Coloring Pen & Ink Covers

These covers are made with a special waxy coating for coloring.

Coloring Pencils:

Most pencils will work nicely.


Alcohol-based pens dry fast and work very well. They will say something like “alcohol marker” on the pens. They are available everywhere. I have used alcohol markers from Hobby Lobby and they work great. I’m told Copic Ciao pens also work well.

Water-based pens and gel pens do not work well on the covers. It’s because the water does not dry fast enough. If you want to color with water-based or gel pens, you can download the cover and print it out to color it.

Download the Cover:

1. Go to https://www.kensingtonbooks.com/search-results/?series=pen-and-ink

2. Click on the book cover you want to download.

3. Scroll down and click on MEDIA.

4. At the bottom of the image of the front and back covers, click on Download this PDF.

Please don’t forget to post a picture of your cover on social media. We love to see your creations!