Krista Davis

Krista's Pets

Meet Millie, who came to us through Adopt a Golden Knoxville. We were thrilled when the adoption came through. Everything went so perfectly that we were certain it was meant to be. As you can see, Millie and Baron became best friends on the very day they met. Baron loves having a new sister, and Millie is simply an angel.

If you're wondering what they're wearing on their collars, one of my friends calls them their phones! They don't call much, but the "phones" text us if they wander away and can even help us find them if they should get lost. Heaven forbid!

Little Miss Sunshine (Sunny) was rescued from a hoarding situation and inspired Twinkletoes, the calico kitten in the Paws & Claws Mysteries. Just like Twinkletoes, Sunny has insatiable curiosity and sticks her nose into everything.

Baron was arrested by the dog police as a stray. After a period of incarceration, Angels of Assisi rescued him. We knew he was our dog the minute we saw him. Baron is addicted to tennis balls and tummy rubs.

Even though Twinkles was only 8 weeks old when she joined us, she made herself right at home and became friends with dogs and cats alike. Rescued from a local barn at two weeks of age, it looks like she might be the smartest kitty we've known! Twinkie is a snugglebug who tries to convince everyone that she's starving. (She's not.)

Mochie (Mo-kee) in the Domestic Diva Mysteries is based on my cat, Mochie. The photo on the left was taken when he was a rascally kitten. The photo on the right is Mochie as an adult. He is a classic Ocicat, which means he has the American Shorthair pattern of his ancestors on his fur instead of spots. Read more about Ocicats here.

Buttercup inspired Trixie, the Jack Russell Terrier with a nose for trouble, in the Paws & Claws Mysteries. Poor Buttercup was abandoned on our road as a young adult. One day with us, and we knew she would be a permanent part of the family.

Sweet Gretel inspired the character of Daisy in the Domestic Diva Mysteries.

Read about Rocky, the feral cat here.