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1. Florrie Fox jumps at the chance for an apartment in toney Georgetown, Washington, DC. Would you have agreed? Remember, she had only hours to move in, and she had been looking for a long time.

2. Have you ever worked with anyone like Delbert?

3. Have you been to Georgetown, Washington, DC? What did you like about it?

4. Florrie says her own mother describes her as retiring because she prefers drawing and reading to noisy bars and nightlife. Do you relate to Florrie?

5. Did you like Mr. DuBois? Did you suspect him? Would you like to have a butler?

6. Do you have a sister? How did you feel about the relationship between Florrie and Veronica?

7. Have you ever had a Norman? Someone who thought you were wonderful but you had no interest in him/her?

8. How did you feel about Florrie drawing the clues in her sketchpad? Are you artistic? Would you have done that?

9. Did you think Jacquie Liebhaber was dead?

10. Did you guess the killer? Who did you suspect?

11. Did you color your cover? Were there things that a few of you colored the same way?

Color Me Murder Questions

for Book Clubs

ISBN-10: 149671640X

ISBN-13: 978-1496716408

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