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Just for Book Clubs!

Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

Discussion Questions for

The Diva Wraps It Up

1. Do you send Christmas letters? What did you think of the Babineaux's Christmas letter?

2. Have you ever hosted or been a guest at a Christmas cookie swap?

3. What is the one cookie you must have or it's not Christmas?

4. What was the most difficult gift you ever had to wrap?

5. How did you feel about Edith Scroggins? Did your feelings change?

6. Could you relate to the love letter? What treasured item have you kept?

7. How did you feel about Elvin? What might you have done in his position?

8. Who did you think the killer was and why?

9. Who do you wish Sophie would get together with? Alex, Mars or Wolf?

10. How did you feel about the ending? Did you figure it all out or was there a surprise?

Discussion Questions for

The Diva Frosts a Cupcake

1. First of all, the important thing -- do you love cupcakes? What's your favorite flavor?

2. In the beginning of the book, Humphrey is desperate for a girlfriend. Did you think Renee was taking advantage of him?

3. Who do you think Humphrey should choose? Renee or Myra? Or should he keep on looking?

4. What did you think happened to Buddy?

5. Have you ever rescued a dog or cat, or adopted a rescued dog or cat?

6. What did you think of Maurice? Did you understand him better when you knew his history?

7. Have you ever repeated a rumor? Have you known anyone hurt by a vicious rumor? Is it human nature to pass along gossip?

8. Who did you think the killer was and why?

9. Sophie's love life has been rocky lately. How do you feel about Alex?

10. Myra was very brave to visit Maurice. Would you have done that?

Discussion Questions for

The Diva Digs up the Dirt

     1.        How did you feel about Wolf’s behavior in the beginning? Was he being difficult or reasonable under the circumstances?

     2.         What did you think when Sophie dug up the purse?

     3.         Aside from Sophie, to which character did you relate and why?

     4.         Have you ever wished you could have your yard or house redone by a TV show?

     5.         Have you ever repurposed an item? What was it and how did you use it?

     6.         What did you think of Violet? Have you ever known anyone like her?

     7.         Did you think Audie was having an affair with Mindy?

     8.         How did you feel when Roscoe died?

     9.         Do you still eat Italian Dressing?

Discussion Questions for

The Diva Haunts the House

     1.        What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

     2.         Do you have any fun Halloween memories?

     3.         Did you ever sneak out of the house at night when you were a kid?

     4.         Have you ever experienced ghostly happenings that couldn’t be explained?

     5.         How do you feel about vampires? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em?

     6.         What did you think of Maggie? Did you feel sorry for her or wary of her?

     7.         Heather is clearly a mean girl. How did you feel about her in the end?

     8.         Did you like the tale of Viktor Luca? Do you think he was or is a vampire?

     9.          What did you think the ending meant?

10.     There is an unexpected moment between Sophie and Mars. How do you explain that? Does it mean anything?

Discussion Questions for The Diva Cooks A Goose

If you only have time for one question, discuss number 8!

     1.         Christmas is almost ruined when someone steals the gifts.  What would you have done?  Would you have looked for an all night drugstore like Laci, or organized a neighborhood effort like Sophie?  Or would you have done something else?

     2.         Phil’s arrival with Bonnie at the Christmas Day festivities is certainly awkward.  How would you have handled it if you were Marnie or Laci?

     3.         Bonnie and Phil meant well by bringing an antique doll (even if it did look like a Madam in the Wild West) as a gift for Jen.  What do you think about giving children valuable antiques or keepsakes?  

     4.         How did you feel about Ginger?  One of my readers would like to see more of her.  Do you share that feeling?

     5.         When Sophie thinks Bonnie is sprawled on the floor, she breaks a window to get inside.  Would you have done that?  Or would you have waited for the authorities to arrive?  Would you have done something else?

     6.         How did you feel about Phil?  Was he wrong to bring Bonnie to the family Christmas celebration?  Did you think he might be trying to make Marnie jealous?  What about the announcement of his engagement to Bonnie?  Was Phil an insensitive jerk or a clueless pawn?

     7.         Were you surprised that Marnie and Phil reconciled?

     8.         Regifting plays a major role in this book.  Have you ever re-gifted anything?  Have you ever received something that was re-gifted?  Are there times when re-gifting is okay or is it always a bad idea?  

9.     Did you guess the identity of the murderer?  Who did you think it was?

Discussion Questions for The Diva Paints the Town

     1.     Sophie feels very guilty for having neglected an aging neighbor.  Can you relate?

     2.     Even though she’s married, Nina Reid Norwood went out to dinner with an old boyfriend.  Have you gone to dinner with an old flame?  Was Nina wrong to have dinner with him?

     3.     Mordecai’s bequest brings a group of old friends back together.  Have you been to a reunion lately?  Did old feelings resurface?

     4.     Sophie heard some very bad news about Wolf in this book.  If you were Sophie, how would you have handled it?

     5.     Francie tells Sophie “it’s always the ones without money who want you to think they’re loaded.”  How do Nolan and Camille fit that description?

     6.     Mordecai lived in a very old, historic home.  Have you lived in a historic house?  Would you like to?

     7.     Sophie thought Natasha’s employee, Beth, acted odd.  Did you figure out what was going on?  What would you have done if you were in her shoes?  Could this book have been written from her point of view?

     8.     Mars and Bernie are always trying to put Natasha in her place.  How do you feel about that?

     9.     Sophie and Mars clearly get along.  Should they get back together?

     10.     Did you guess the identity of the killer?  Who did you think it was?